Tandem skydiving is an experience where two people jump out of an airplane together, strapped to one another during the entire descent. You are geared up and head to the aircraft with a certified tandem instructor.

Your first jump will let you find out how much adrenaline you have in your body and will let you bring home a memory from 4000 meters. It can be for a special day, a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, a bachelor party, a bridal shower or a proposal for a truly unique wedding.

You will go through a short briefing lasting 15 minutes in which the licensed instructor will explain some basic notions of behavior and the position to be taken during the free fall. You will be ready to experience one of your greatest emotions.

You will head to the aircraft together with your instructor. During the ascent you will enjoy the view of the splendid Roman coast, Mount Circeo and the Pontine islands.

Once the plane reaches 4000 meters of altitude ... it's time to jump! Attached to your instructor in a parachute made for two, you will free fall for approximately 50 seconds at 200 km per hour.

When the parachute opens, you will find yourself immersed in surreal silence and experience another 5 minutes of great emotions during which you can drive the parachute using the appropriate controls.

Before landing, the instructor will take total control of the parachute to prepare for a smooth landing in the special grass landing area in front of the hangar.

Your briefing, take-off, free fall and landing will be filmed and photographed by another skydiver who will jump with you. A few minutes after landing, your HD video edited with music and all the photos of the jump will be delivered to you on a USB stick.

Complete at least one tandem skydive before you decide to schedule an AFF course.


Necessary requirements

• You must be at least 18 years of age (or 16 with the consent of your parents who have to be there on the day of the jump)

• A valid government issued photo ID

• Sports clothing and sports shoes

• Bring with you a brand new USB stick (4GB minimum) in order to upload video and photos

• You should weigh less than 100 kg

• Please keep in mind not to do scuba diving 48 hours before your skydiving jump

• You are in good health

• No patent or license is required, the theoretical competence belongs to the tandem pilot

• Age limit 75 years

How to book

Fill in the appropriate online form, by phone or by WhatsApp message at +39 335 6585963.
You can easily book a couple of days before the jump date.
If you book via SMS or WhatsApp, please fill in the full name of those who intend to do the tandem jump, together with date and time of preference.
Our Crazy Fly receptionist will check all the bookings and will make sure to send you the confirmation through SMS.

How much does it cost?

Tandem Skydiving jump

€ 250

  • Membership
  • Tandem skydive jump
  • Insurance policy

Tandem Skydiving jump

€ 290

  • Membership
  • Tandem skydive jump
  • Insurance policy
  • Video and pictures

Corso AFF

- € 100

Discount available exclusively to

The ones who will continue with

the AFF course

after the tandem jump

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