The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) skydiving course is the safest and most popular method to become a skydiver.

It was founded in the late 1970s in the United States, and it allows our students to reduce the learning time through an advanced teaching methodology. In addition to it, it leaves the safety unchanged both in the theoretical and practical phase.

The course is done according to the ENAC programs and is divided into two phases:


The training program is carried out by a qualified instructor and during this phase all the useful notions are taught to carry out the jump in complete safety. The theory lasts about 8-10 hours, the days and times can be customized to meet the needs of the student as much as possible. All of this takes place at the headquarters of the Crazy Fly skydiving center.


The second phase consists of 7 jumps from an altitude of 4000 meters; during the first 4 jumps the student will be supported by two instructors throughout the free fall. During the last 3 jumps the student will be supported by a single instructor only. One more instructor will guide the student via radio until landing once the parachute opens.

Each jump is preparatory to the next level. Every single jump is filmed by the instructor with his camera placed on the helmet in order to be able to analyze, once on the ground, any error made during the jump and highlight any progress.

When the 7 jumps have been completed and the exercises foreseen in each single jump have been passed, the student will be able to jump by himself. He will receive a jump booklet and the certification form in accordance with ENAC directives.


Before starting

• Every athlete should undergo a sports medical examination by a doctor recognized by the Italian Federation of Sports Physicians.
The certificate is valid for two years for skydivers under the age of 40, one year for those who have reached the age of 40

• it is necessary to issue an insurance policy with the maximum limits provided by the law

There is an indisputable rule at Crazy Fly ... at the end of the course the student offers beer and chips :)

How much does it cost?

AFF Course

€ 1800

  • With no medical examinations
  • With no insurance policy
  • If you already experienced a tandem skydive jump we will apply a discount of 100 euro
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